The Thanos Cockbox

The Thanos Cockbox


A one-of-a-kind HitBox Smash Box with custom art of a naked purple man on it. All proceeds go to the Trevor Project.

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As seen on TV…

This is the Thanos Cockbox. A one of a kind HitBox Smash Box adorned with sweaty purple meat. “Lovingly” crafted with real 24mm Sanwa OBSC buttons with custom art inserts and OBSJ buttons styled as the infinity gauntlet, this controller somehow looks good for what it is: an affront to good taste and decency.

The proceeds from the sale of this controller will go to The Trevor Project.


Making this controller was a sub goal on drewbabe’s stream. You can see the making of it in the video on the right. It is one of the original Kickstarter models of the Smash Box, its beauty forever tainted by sin.


  • Real arcade Sanwa 24mm OBSC and OSBJ buttons

  • Custom face art of the purple man

  • Custom art inserts in clear buttons

  • Compatible with all Smash Box software (it is, after all, an original model)

    • Does NOT have the detachable cable nor native USB controller support that the 2nd generation Smash Box has

  • Lightly used - like new

  • Price includes shipping and handling

Package contains:

  • The Thanos Cockbox, protected with styrofoam and bubble wrap for its long journey to your home

  • Original Kickstarter HitBox Smash Box packaging

  • Original Smash Box faceplate

  • Original USB-A to USB-B cable for interface with PC customization software

  • HitBox stickers and other swag

  • Thank-you note (personalized, if desired) from drewbabe


While the Thanos Cockbox has been tested extensively and is known to work, we make no guarantees about its state after sending it to you. We provide no warranty or support; this is being sold as-is. However, you can contact HitBox for support on their website, though we do not guarantee that they will provide support, and we are not affiliate with them in any official capacity. We will also not accept returns and will not issue refunds for this product or any accompanying accessories, however we will ship it with tracking and basic insurance if possible.

We also do not own the Thanos character. This controller depicts a parody of the character. If you work for the mouse, fuck off, this is for charity.