NFreak joins NLDT!

We’re proud to announce that the mean bean meme man himself, NFreak, has joined the NLDT stream team!

NFreak is a Hollow Knight speedrunner, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitor, Smash Box user, and Beat Saber extraor-sans-naire who recently gained notoriety for filling a Gamecube controller with goddamn beans.

We at NLDT have been friends with NFreak for a while now. He’s a great streamer and a natural fit for our team. And, of course, he’s another one of mommy’s epic little gamers.

Photo credit: Francisco “Damon” Suarez

Photo credit: Francisco “Damon” Suarez

We hope you’ll give NFreak the same support you’ve given us, and we’ll see you in his chat! You can catch his streams at, follow him on Twitter at @mcc_nfreak, and see him play Super Smash Bros. Melee with an NES Power Pad at his YouTube Channel.