NLDT Branding Guidelines

Header Typeface – Roboto

Download Roboto from Google Fonts

Body Typeface – Source Sans Pro

Download Source Sans Pro from Google Fonts

Color Palette Usage:

  • Full, official color palette: #0c090d – #f1e4e8 – #e2dcde – #ceb1be – #e5625e

  • Monochrome (#FFFFFF / #000000) for Black & White / Greyscale print or media

  • Other colors may be used, but not in tandem with ours, unless it is another branded logo.

    • (i.e. Twitch Logo on our stream overlay may not be recolored, but included alongside our media)

Team Name Usage

  • Always written NLDT

  • Displayed in all caps

    • Exceptions include if a game/engine does not allow capitalization, or when displaying the url of our website or social media, which should be typed in all lowercase, unless on an image. (i.e. the podcast album art, in which everything is capitalized)

  • Pronounced “Nailed It”, unless it’s being spelled out for a URL or clarification

  • Never to be written “Nailed It” in reference to the team

Trademark and Logo Usage

  • Do not stretch the logo, it should always be at a 1:1 ratio.

  • Do not put other logos or text on top of the logo. Any other logos can be used outside of the 1:1 ratio.

  • There are other “variations” of the NLDT dot that can be used (i.e. how the podcast and discord links are used) that need to be approved and colorized properly.

Website and Brand are maintained by Atlanta Digital Marketing and Photographer, Matthew Alexander (@mattagarr).

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